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Content Teams can face a multitude of challenges when creating actionable content. These challenges can include creating editorial calendars, personas, keyword lists, and a myriad other tactics specific to each channel for which content is intended. The resources to scale are often needed immediately and with little forewarning. It can tax even the largest companies. Talk to us about your Content Marketing needs.

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Companies and marketing teams face a multitude of challenges when creating actionable content. These obstacles include developing buyer personas and customer journeys, and following up with targeted keyword lists and editorial calendars based on consumer need. There’s a myriad of marketing tactics specific to certain channels that must be in a content marketing arsenal. To create appropriate content for each leg of your marketing campaign, effective content that achieves top SERP placement and brand loyalty, consider SEO Content Services. Galileo Tech Media offers Content Marketing Services to scale, including broad-scope Copywriting Services.

The State of Content

These days, Content and Digital Marketing teams need to be dynamic and fluid to achieve competitive advantage and establish a foundation for marketing success. Creating compelling, engaging, useful and Wise content-driven experiences moves businesses forward; strategic value lies in consistently and repeatedly evolving to create valuable stories for consumers.

Content marketers face the immediate challenge of managing all of the necessary tactics of a single strong campaign and even multiple campaigns.

These overwhelming needed elements include creating editorial calendars for brand websites and social media channels. They encompass developing buyer personas and charting customer journeys, as well as crafting style guides, brand briefs, point-of-views, editing guidelines, submission briefs, keyword lists, maintenance plans and many other tactics specific to each channel for which content is intended.

The resources that a company requires to scale are often needed immediately and with little forewarning. The demand for effective SEO content services can tax even the largest companies. Keeping up with the requirements for today’s content often necessitates hiring a content marketing manager.

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Why You Should Outsource Your Content to a Content Marketing Agency

Search Engine Optimization has evolved in a massive way over the last several years. While many SEO strategies have remained consistent, there are new (and constantly evolving) best practices for their implementation. Some SEO tactics and tricks that used to propel businesses to the tops of the SERPs just don’t work anymore. In fact, use them and Google will penalize you. Because SEO has transformed into this marketing strategy that many companies don’t recognize and a good number find overwhelming, outsourcing SEO services exists.

Getting into Google’s penalty box is such a threat and you can see why when you review THE STATE OF ENTERPRISE SEO IN 2017, a study conducted by seoClarity, BuzzStream and North Star Inbound. Almost 40% of respondents identified content development as the most pressing SEO issue for companies this year.

Galileo’s Content Marketing Services Include Strategy and Tactics

Galileo Creators

They say there are 30 million freelancers in the USA today. But, when crunch time comes, how do you know who can get the job done? Great content marketing for your organization is more than just good writing. The Copywriting Services you get from Galileo Tech Media include writers who seamlessly integrate with your team and processes.

Vetted and Agency-Caliber Talent

Our Copywriting Services include vetted and agency-caliber talent trained in client processes and available on demand for those high-pressure times of need.

Seamless Tactical Support

In this day and age, you can’t always do all of your own digital marketing. Sometimes, you need the support of a SEO content services marketing manager, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Blogging and other digital marketing strategies.

Marketing Experts Who Support Your Campaigns

Do you need keywords researched for hundreds or thousands of pages of content? Maybe you require engaging summaries written and promoted on scale for all of your content? Galileo has the experience and the teams to support your campaigns in many ways.

Ability to Scale

Content needs can expand or contract with little warning. When a project sitting in the queue for the entire quarter is put on the front burner as a priority, you need a content marketing manager. The same demands are on you when that blog post goes viral, when there’s opportunity to capitalize on the attention.


Brands and agencies are seldom afforded the luxury of a content creation department that scales to fit challenging needs. That where Galileo, a scalable content marketing company, fits in.

Consumer-Focused Copy

Our attitude toward content marketing is customer centric - almost down to the one-to-one level. The desired approach to content marketing should be, “How do I create value with, and for, the client?” Not the more traditional model of, “How do I sell a product?”

Let Your Website Be Your Customer Service Desk

Galileo believes in earning the customer’s attention by causing user interactions where consumers find your brand in an organic, helpful and enjoyable manner. We answer your customers’ questions. Our content marketing agency’s Copywriting Services and strategies ease their concerns.

Wise Content – The Future of Content

Good content starts with good creative imagination and skills. So Galileo Tech Media hires the best talent to provide companies and marketing teams with Copywriting Services as well as video and photography services. Our experienced and professional consultants bring their vast range of knowledge to Galileo and become part of a comprehensive extended marketing workforce for your brand. We research, create and deliver Wise Content that evolves to suit your needs and the ever-changing landscape of SEO.

What makes Wise Content? Galileo’s team of keyword research analysts, copywriters, videographers and photographers come from many disciplines, but they all know SEO marketing. Our consultants partner with each other, and you, to create and produce content driven by inbound marketing, semiotics, behavioral analysis from Big Data, and neuroscience predictive capabilities. This is what creates content that’s more compelling, converting and convincing.

Whether you need help managing SEO travel, real estate or any other type of content, or you find yourself in need of someone to research and report on keywords, Galileo stands out as a provider of SEO content services. We promote content through social media channels and events, and source and manage the best writers and designers. Galileo Tech Media is a content marketing agency that works with top international brands in travel, real estate and more. We’re here to help you. Our goal is simple: to turn the curious into your customers.

Did you know that there’s an 800% elasticity in performance between your best message and your worst message? It’s critical to get it right the first time! Contact Galileo Tech Media to learn about our SEO content services.

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Paid Content

Are you already creating good content, data-backed and keyword-driven content optimized for your local market and target audience, but not seeing the results you want? If you’ve diligently developed a strategy to share this Wise Content with organic traffic coming to your website and on your social media channels, but it’s still not working for you, it’s time for another approach. If you’re not getting the results you expected and the traction you want, it might be time to focus on paid content distribution.

Even when marketers create great content to share with 2 important audiences – the audience that’s owned and the one that’s earned – there needs to be more. Your owned audience consists of regular visitors to your website, blog and social media profiles, in addition to subscribers on your email lists. You reach your earned audience through free media exposure like when your blog post goes viral or you get a mention in an influencer’s feed.

There’s another audience you can get in front of with just a simple shift of your marketing budget. Through efforts in paid content distribution, it’s easy to connect with buyers who are looking for you but just haven’t connected with your brand online yet.

The world of paid content distribution can be confusing and overwhelming, and there’s a learning curve. But through this marketing tactic, you’ll see an increase in your ROI. Paid marketing includes marketing on social media channels and through PPC marketing, paid search and strategic partnerships.

Creating Content to Scale

You know you need scalable content that changes and grows as your business does. But, the demands for wise content might put a strain on your resources or even be beyond their scope. Creating content to scale is a challenge for brands and marketing departments in many industries including travel and real estate – and for companies with single outlets or multiple locations.

Lack of time, talent and a template for scalable content can make you think you’ll never be able to keep up.

In the ever-shifting landscape of online publishing and social media, when consumers’ attention spans are short and consumption patterns change rapidly, it’s important that content scales to meet demand and help your company stay relevant.

You can’t simply put out more content just for the sake of keeping up in the content quantity game. It’s essential you carefully craft your content stream to make it effective and efficient. That’s true scale and it’s what brings success.

Scaleable content is content that follows a process so that it functions better across teams and channels. It’s content that’s easy to replicate when needed and it provides a way for businesses to meet their needs at any given time.

Scalable content is expandable and contractible within a moment’s notice. It’s smart and strategic, created by leveraging existing assets and newly produced data applicable to your current business goals and buyer personas.

Whether you have a project sitting in queue that suddenly needs a mass volume of content or you meet with a new endeavor that requires consistent content across marketing tactics, you need to be able to scale quickly to compete. Galileo Tech Media helps companies that need to scale fast.